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Midi Sync between Ableton and Waves

Assuming you are using a Mac for each machine.

And they are on the same network/subnet

Step 1, Ableton setup

• Open Ableton Preferences and turn on OUTPUT "IAC Driver" and OUTPUT "Network" (The name after will change after Step 2)

• Sync Type to Midi Clock

• Midi Clock Type to SONG

Step 2

• Open Audio and Midi Preferences

• Open the IAC Driver and confirm it is online.

Step 3

• Still in Audio Midi Preferences

• Open Midi Network Setup

• My Sessions (+) To create a new session

• Name as you want

• Port 5004

• auto populated name

Step 4 • Create a similar profile on the partner machine (see step 3)

• Port 5004

Step 5

• (I am a bit grey on this step as this was trial and error)

• On the Waves Machine, locate the directory in the Midi Network Setup ( Same screen as above)

• Select your parter machine and press "Connect" (Mine timed out a few times)

Now that the connection has been made its time to set up waves.

Step 6, Waves Setup

• Open Waves

• Open Waves Preferences

• (This is slightly different with each version of Waves)

• Under System Setup, Select Sync to Midi Tempo

• Under Control Setup Select Network and the correct name from Step 3


Step 7

• For each effect you have running in waves, that you want to be controlled via Ableton Tempo.

• PRESS "HOST" inside each waves effects unit

Step 8

• Go to show mode in Waves

• Play a track in Ableton

• You should see the BMP counter in the upper right of waves match that of the Ableton track

Step 9


• The Ableton prefs should carry with each new show

• The Waves prefs should carry with each new show


• After a computer restart you may need to re-"connect" inside the Audio Midi Setup (I had to after my 1st reboot but not the 2nd... Go Figure)

These are two websites that I found to be helpful in this process, keep in mind, they do not lay everything out and I did a fair bit of trial and error.



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