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Relay Panel w/ Switch Interconnect

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

SPod DIY and learning electrical

Replace after build

After some creative planning this is where I am

In this post I will cover how I made my own version of an Spod or other fuse and relay panel.

I will include my parts list and some tricks that I picked up just by thinking "this must exist somewhere"

Parts List:

Blue Sea Systems 5025 - 6 Circuit Fuse Block

Online LED Store - 5 Pin SPDT 30/40amp Bosch Style Relay w/ Harness

Screw Terminal Strip - 6 Position 25amp

Wire - 14ga various colors

Wire - Southwire 18/10 Sprinkler Wire

Wire - 0ga Amplifier wiring kit

Connectors - Hilitchi 14ga w/heatshrink crimp ring terminal

Connectors - MUYI 2pin and 4 pin M&F waterproof (for accessory connectors)

Panel Diagram:

Connector Diagram

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